Donald Askey

an Icelandic saga and a Nordic Myth

The DuEt starts with Donald then bringing a saga from Iceland about two poets and the King of Norway. That gives Svend-Erik the opportunity to tell the story of how the forest of Scotland vanished many years ago. Svend-Erik then tells a story from the Nordic gods. Donald respond to a story I told about Skæve in a previous DuEt. And in that story we understand, that a hunchback is not always bad to carry around.

Mark Borthwick

a folktale and some legends

Mark Borthwick – is in Blackpool, England in a one year residency collecting stories. I met Mark two years ago when he lived here in Edinburgh and it was a thrill to be told stories by this talented young man up at the Calton Hiill New Burial. Me and Alice had a wonderful time.
In this DuEt you will hear about the two fiddlers and Mark shows his skills on a violin. Svend is inspired by that to tell two stories, and it is just because Svend is the host he allows himself to do that. One about a larch and one about anger. Then Svend tells about his father and milk spilled for about one hundred years ago. It is one of the stories Svend remembers from his childhood and Mark returns with a story about sheep. I didn’t catch the punchline because I don’t know anything about sheep and that is the whole idea with the story, so thank you for that; Mark. I have Googled the names of these sheep and I have seen the difference. Storytelling as a botany lesson – so cool!

In Norwegian and Danish, Hilde Eskild

to folkeeventyr om Sct. Peter og nogle erindringer fra anden verdenskrig.

Hilde Eskild i DuEt med Svend-Erik Engh. Hilde er en af Norge’s mest erfarne fortællere og hun udfordrer Svend-Erik med en historie, der har rødder i det Norsk/Skotske. Historien handler om Sct. Peter og det får Svend-Erik på banen med en Ewald Tang Kristensen historie. Svend-Erik giver en historie om hans mormor, om at narre tyskerne under anden verdenskrig og den svarer Hilde tilbage med en historie fra besættelsen af Norge om en onkel, der dyrkede tobak og solgte det uden at tyskerne måtte vide det.

Alice Fernbank

an improvisation, a short story and a drawing

This DuEt with Alice Fenbank has several surprises for you. First an improvised story from Alice, then I talk about a book I once read, then one of my own stories, that I have not told Alice before and the end of the conversation is Alice showing a drawing she has been doing while telling and listening. The drawing contain elements from the whole conversation.

In Danish, Kasper Schulz

en Schulz historie, lidt erindringer og en sav

Jeg mødte Kasper på Kulcaféen i København engang i halvfemserne, hvor han arrangerede fortælleaftner. Han var en vild fætter, altid fuld af uforudsigelige og vidunderligt fabulerende indfald. Senere dukkede han op under bøgetræets krone i København og spillede på sine trommer. Det er der billeder af – Historier under Bøgen. I dag var ingen undtagelse med overraskelsen. Jeg havde ikke ventet en sav. Men det fik jeg. Tak for det, Kasper!

Daniel Allison

folktales and a memory from travelling in Uganda

One of my first meetings with Daniel Allison was at The Kilburn Garden Party 2018. He was telling stories in a little tent on a hillside. The warmth and the joy in his telling made us all forget about the wind and the rain. I knew I had to go for more of this young man’s telling and here he is.

Four stories for you to enjoy, two prepared and two improvised right there!

Neil Sutcliffe

folktales, one of Svend’s own stories and some songs from Scotland

I met Neil Sutcliffe in the summer 2017 on the island Lismore, when we both were performing at Taproot Festival. I saw this talented young accordion player and was truly fascinated. When Alice Fernbank and me needed a musician, Neil just stepped up and played in our two hour long storytelling performance. We went on the train together and there we wrote a song. In 2018 we did Walk the Oars at the Edinburgh Fringe. THis year we were supposed to do a new Fringe performance, but as the Edinburgh Fringe is canceled, we have to find another way of showing our work. The DuEt consists of stories and songs.


DuEtS are recorded Zoom split screen meetings between two artists, a guest and a host. The guest starts with a story, a song, a poem, whatever. This inspires the host to do an unprepared thing. Like a conversation with stories and songs and music.

A DuEt Marathon is a group DuEt. The host starts with a prepared thing, a song, poem, a piece of music, a story. Then the other participants inspired by what the former artists brought in to the DuEt tell, sing, perform. These contributions will then be unprepared, improvised as nothing is revealed about the themes in advance.

i can just listen and share and hold the space as you two so beautifully do and share whatever needs to be told and whatever needs to be heard. Thankyou 🌟

Wow so intriguing- rough and true.