DuEt Dougie Mackay – pigs and cows!

Dougie is a holder of traditional Scottish storytelling and he brings vitality and joy into this tradition and it is always a uplifting experience to hear him tell some of the folktales from the country he loves so deeply. Dougie’s first story is about a pig and the name of a fairy woman, Svend-Erik rememberContinue reading “DuEt Dougie Mackay – pigs and cows!”

DuEt David Campbell soup, fiddleplaying, love making, challenges in frost and more soup!

David Campbell is an institution in the Scottish Storytelling. He has been telling stories and holding ceilidhs in his apartment in Edinburgh for more than fifty years. It is an honour and joy to do this DuEt together with David. And the first thing David did was to show us around in the living roomContinue reading “DuEt David Campbell soup, fiddleplaying, love making, challenges in frost and more soup!”

DuEt: Tim Porteus, folktales, myths and a scary giant story!

Tim Porteus is a wonderful storyteller from Edinburgh. He tells a story about a cow from the highland of Scotland. He misses the beauty of the highlands now in a lockdown. Svend-Erik shares a story of Audhumbla, the cow that gave milk to Ymer, the first giant. Svend-Erik shares a story about the seven stars,Continue reading “DuEt: Tim Porteus, folktales, myths and a scary giant story!”

DuEt: David Heathfield – folktales

David Heathfield tells a wonderful tale from South Korea about how the ocean became salty, Svend-Erik shares his danish version of the same tale, then a lovely story from Palestine where David has been working with some children around stories, then one more christmas tale about wishes and David finishes this firework of wonderful storytellingContinue reading “DuEt: David Heathfield – folktales”

Donald Askey – An Icelandic saga and a Nordic Myth

The DuEt starts with Donald then bringing a saga from Iceland about two poets and the King of Norway. That gives Svend-Erik the opportunity to tell the story of how the forest of Scotland vanished many years ago. Svend-Erik then tells a story from the Nordic gods. Donald respond to a story I told aboutContinue reading “Donald Askey – An Icelandic saga and a Nordic Myth”