Mark Borthwick

a folktale and some legends

Mark Borthwick – is in Blackpool, England in a one year residency collecting stories. I met Mark two years ago when he lived here in Edinburgh and it was a thrill to be told stories by this talented young man up at the Calton Hiill New Burial. Me and Alice had a wonderful time.
In this DuEt you will hear about the two fiddlers and Mark shows his skills on a violin. Svend is inspired by that to tell two stories, and it is just because Svend is the host he allows himself to do that. One about a larch and one about anger. Then Svend tells about his father and milk spilled for about one hundred years ago. It is one of the stories Svend remembers from his childhood and Mark returns with a story about sheep. I didn’t catch the punchline because I don’t know anything about sheep and that is the whole idea with the story, so thank you for that; Mark. I have Googled the names of these sheep and I have seen the difference. Storytelling as a botany lesson – so cool!

2 thoughts on “Mark Borthwick

  1. Hello my friend! Yeah, it was great and we have more than 100 viewers on Youtube. Imagine all of these one hundred in the same room sharing stories with us. Can’t wait till it will happen. Until then, enjoy! ❤


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