DuEtS are recorded Zoom split screen meetings between two artists, a guest and a host. The guest starts with a story, a song, a poem, whatever. This inspires the host to do an unprepared thing. And then they swap.

Reaction from a viewer after watching and listening to Jan Blake and Svend-Erik Engh in a DuEt: what a joy to see the two of you in my kitchen – i can just listen and share and hold the space as you two so beautifully do and share whatever needs to be told and whatever needs to be heard. Thankyou đźŚź Harley LoUdOn

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DuEt Harley LoudOn, a song of joy, memory of a train, wolfes and a kiss

Harley is a wonderful singer, musician and storyteller. She sings about the things you can’t buy. Svend-Erik remembers when he was given a train for Christmas, then Harley tell about wolves, then a Danish about a kiss and Harley finish the DuEt with a beautiful song.

DuEt, Gauri Raje the potter and Shiva, the tigers of Borneo, the tiger’s whiskers and the horse

A DuEt is an online streamed meeting between two artists. Gauri Raje is born in India and right now she is India studying traditional storytelling. Svend-Erik Engh is so happy to meet this wonderful storyteller in a DuEt, SE in Edinburgh, Scotland and Gauri Raje in India.

Gauri tell the story of the potter that ask the god Shiva for a favour, Svend-Erik tell the story of why there are no tiger in Borneo, Gauri tell the story of the tigers whisker and Svend-Erik ends this wonderful session with a story of a man that leaves with a horse and returns with horse manure.

DuEt in Danish – Carsten Islington, om at rejse og sanse, om at være fattig i et fremmed land, om trolde og børn

Carsten Islington er en af de rigtigt garvede fortællere. Svend-Erik og Carsten har arbejdet sammen pĂĄ kryds og tværs i fortællingens univers. Carsten slutter DuEtten af med at sige: “Ja, jeg kan ikke ryste dig af, du kommer igen hele tiden i mit liv.” Det glæder mig uendeligt meget, at han siger det med et smil.

Først fortæller Carsten om at rejse fra Vesterbro til London over Edinburgh og tilbage til Vesterbro. Svend-Erik fortæller om en rejse tiL Marokko og fortsætter med en troldehistorie. Det fĂĄr Carsten til at mindes sine første fortælledage, hvor han opdagede hvordan børn er fantastiske, nĂĄr du skal lære at fortælle – fordi de er sĂĄ ærlige. Hvis det er kedeligt gĂĄr de bare. Det er en DuEt med meget varme mellem os to gamle fortællere.

DuEt Heather Yule Storyteller, whisky in a cave, knitting in Shetland, wings on young shoulders, the morning sun!

Heather yule Storyteller grew up with traveller stories from Scotland. She had brought her harpe into the DuEt and I was lucky enough to do a version of my story with Heather improvising on her harpe. Whisky ghosts and fishing luck, knitting in Shetland and selling in Norway, wings for flying and the old man becoming something very different – four stories!

DuEt Virginia Bjertnes – devil town, two horns/two wishes, cow/horse/sheep, a kiss from a dead man

Virginia and I holds the same story – we both moved to Scotland four years ago and we love our new country. Virginia is called by a new job to go to back to Schweitzerland. I am planning to stay here.

Virginia starts with a story about a village in her homecountry and we understand that it is important to say wellcome when a stranger knocks on your door. Svend-Erik tells a story with the same theme and Virginia inspired by that tells of a cow, a horse and a sheep – same creature, all for the best of the woman that owns it. Svend-Erik finishes the DuEt by telling about Maria, that kissed a dead man.

DuEt Dougie Mackay – pigs and cows!

Dougie is a holder of traditional Scottish storytelling and he brings vitality and joy into this tradition and it is always a uplifting experience to hear him tell some of the folktales from the country he loves so deeply. Dougie’s first story is about a pig and the name of a fairy woman, Svend-Erik remember a story from way back about the evil pig Katerine. Then Peter Oxe, about a cow and Dougie gives us the wonderful story of the love of a cow, that was big enough to heal a mans leg.

DuEt David Campbell soup, fiddleplaying, love making, challenges in frost and more soup!

David Campbell is an institution in the Scottish Storytelling. He has been telling stories and holding ceilidhs in his apartment in Edinburgh for more than fifty years. It is an honour and joy to do this DuEt together with David. And the first thing David did was to show us around in the living room where so many stories, songs and dances have been shared. David told about a soup that got cold from playing the fiddle, Svend-Erik told about a not so decent spanish wife of a mayor, SE told about challenges, helpers and a frozen world and David ended the session with another soup story. Uhm!

DuEt in Danish: Pernille Stockfleth, Geishas and Dragør, South Bridge and Bell’s Wynd.

Pernille Stockfleth er fuld af fart og liv. Det er altid en fornøjelse at være i Pernille’s selskab og sĂĄdan var det ogsĂĄ pĂĄ denne skønne majdag. Vi udvekslede historier pĂĄ livet løs. Først fortalte Pernille en af hendes egene historier om en japansk geisha. Det fik Svend-Erik pĂĄ banen med en lokal historie (Edinburgh, Skotland) om et bordel inde i South Bridge. Derefter fortalte Svend-Erik sin forberedte historie om et hus fyldt med gru og uhygge. Det fik Pernille til at mindes Dragør og nogle af de fantastiske historier, som hun kender saa godt som tourguide i den by, som hun stadig holder uendelig meget af, selv om hun nu bor pĂĄ Falster. Og tak til Pernille for de smukke ord om at være hendes første underviser udi fortællingens ædle kunst.

DuEt: Tim Porteus, folktales, myths and a scary giant story!

Tim Porteus is a wonderful storyteller from Edinburgh. He tells a story about a cow from the highland of Scotland. He misses the beauty of the highlands now in a lockdown. Svend-Erik shares a story of Audhumbla, the cow that gave milk to Ymer, the first giant. Svend-Erik shares a story about the seven stars, six brothers and a princess. Tim tells a story of the red giant, scarrrryyyyy!

DuEt in Danish: Jan Cirkola fortæller om træer!

Træer! Fire historier om træer fortalt sammen med en af Danmarks bedste fortællere. Jan’s indledende historie er træets historie fra de allerførste mennesker brugte træet som et helligt sted til vi nu mĂĄ søge tilbage til en eller anden form for forstĂĄelse af træet og det liv, der leves i og omkring træet inden vi fælder det sidste træ. Jeg fortæller sĂĄ om bøgetræet i Kongens Have, hvorfor det pĂĄ en nat blev en blodbøg. Min forberedte historie er en fantastisk fortælling om liv og død i og omkring et træ og Jan slutter sĂĄ af med en kort fortælling om et træ, der er dødt, men ikke er det alligevel.

DuEt: David Heathfield – folktales

David Heathfield tells a wonderful tale from South Korea about how the ocean became salty, Svend-Erik shares his danish version of the same tale, then a lovely story from Palestine where David has been working with some children around stories, then one more christmas tale about wishes and David finishes this firework of wonderful storytelling by telling another wish story, this time from India.

DuEt: David Francis – two songs and two stories

David Francis is a wonderful songwriter, musician and a true lover of Scottish traditional music and a good friend. In this DuEt David sings two songs and I tell two stories. David’s first song is about the Napolean war and that inspires me to tell a story about the Danish/German war in 1864, then I tell about Søren Sømand – a sailor story. David sings a beautiful song about a sailing ship. Enjoy!

DuEt: Charlie Menzies – a call for a walk, a dream and two eagles

Charlie reveals his vision of a walk to Hamish, Svend-Erik tells about a dream he had when he was young and Charlie ends up telling about two ravens and two eagles.

DuEtS: Mairi Campbell 1+2 – impro and stories – song, stories and a tune

The first DuEt have five parts: Mairi improvise, I tell a story from the northern Canada as a response to the sounds in the improvisation, then I tell a story from Namibia honouring Unity Oliver, an actress from Namibia. The grandmother is dancing and so did Unity in our theatre project. Mairi takes the song in the end and sings her impro. In the end we meet in an impro.

Mairi Campbell 2 – this time Mairi did one of hers and David Francis‘ songs. I still have a tear in my eye from that. And Mairi inspired me to tell about the sun and the moon. Big Hughie is a local story from the Highland and Mairi played a tune inspired by that.

DuEt: Sahrinha Louise de Silva – soulsinger

Sahrinha has just released a single called ‘I wanna love you’ – play it here!

I was a secondary school teacher and one of my students was Sarinha. We haven’t met much during the years that has passed, but I have followed her career as one of Denmark’s best blues/soul singers. In the DuEt Sarinha sings two of her owns, Svend-Erik sings Maria Magdalena. His prepared story is a common memory where Sarah left the class, because she did not like my ending. Find out more about Sarinha here https://www.facebook.com/SoulRat

DuEt in Swedish and Danish: Anna Lundquist – folkeeventyr, egne fortællinger og en sang

DuEtTeN starter med at Anna fortæller en historie, vi tror vi alle kender. Dernæst fortæller Svend-Erik om at finde svamp i skoven. SĂĄ fortæller Svend-Erik en historie om Staffan og Karl, brødre fra SmĂĄland engang i 1890 – tallet. Anna afslutter med en skøn sang.

Det var denne svamp, som pĂĄ en nat dukkede op i skoven. Episoden inspirerede til sangen “The Fungus Song” med Wet Parsnip, Du kan finde sangen her https://youtu.be/sFEbusA9oHE.

DuEt in Danish: Jens Peter Madsen – erindringer pĂĄ dansk

I DuEtTeN føres vi ind i det okkulte. Jens Peter boede i en lejlighed i Odense, hvor det trak pĂĄ gulvet, uhhhh, og ved slutningen af den historie føler Svend-Erik, at det trækker pĂĄ gulvet i Edinburgh, der hvor han bor nu. Svend-Erik fortæller inspireret af den historie, hvordan Jannik fik en spansk heksejæger fra middelalderen til pludselig at blive meget levende i Nansensgade. Svend-Erik’s forberedte historie er om Ă…manden i Ryle Ă… nede ved Græshave pĂĄ Lolland. Jens Peter fĂĄr derefter Svend-Erik til at knække sammen af grin over et barndomsminde fra Jylland.

DuEt: Jan Blake – folktales and a dance

In the DuEt Jan Blake tells a story from Ghana about a hunter trying to get a tortoise to sing. Svend tells back a story from Swaziland. Then Svend-Erik surprises Jan with a piece of art inspired by the fact that Laurie Andersson is a buddhist, and so is Jan. Inspired by the story from Swaziland Jan tells the story of the women coming down from the full moon to take milk from a farmer.

DuEt: Simon Hodges – poems and a short story

In this DuEt Simon Hodges explore some of the mystics. He recites beautifully Hafeez’ “A glass of wine” translated by Robert Blye and then he reads John of the Cross’ “The Dark Night” – you can find this poem here. Svend-Erik is then inspired to tell about The Storytelling Academy and the work we did with “The Death in Bagdad”. The story of the goldfish in the blender makes Simon laugh. Then my prepared story about friendship and voices in a young man’s head. To that Simon responds with The Song of Wandering Angus by W.B. Yeats – find it here. Enjoy the DuEt!

Donald Askey – An Icelandic saga and a Nordic Myth

The DuEt starts with Donald then bringing a saga from Iceland about two poets and the King of Norway. That gives Svend-Erik the opportunity to tell the story of how the forest of Scotland vanished many years ago. Svend-Erik then tells a story from the Nordic gods. Donald respond to a story I told about Skæve in a previous DuEt. And in that story we understand, that a hunchback is not always bad to carry around.

DuEt in Norwegian and Danish: Hilde Eskild – to folkeeventyr og nogle erindringer fra anden verdenskrig.

Hilde Eskild i DuEt med Svend-Erik Engh. Hilde er en af Norge’s mest erfarne fortællere og hun udfordrer Svend-Erik med en historie, der har rødder i det Norsk/Skotske. Historien handler om Sct. Peter og det fĂĄr Svend-Erik pĂĄ banen med en Ewald Tang Kristensen historie. Svend-Erik giver en historie om hans mormor, om at narre tyskerne under anden verdenskrig og den svarer Hilde tilbage med en historie fra besættelsen af Norge om en onkel, der dyrkede tobak og solgte det uden at tyskerne mĂĄtte vide det.

DuEt: Alice Fernbank – an improvisation, a short story and a drawing

This DuEt with Alice Fenbank has several surprises for you. First an improvised story from Alice, then I talk about a book I once read, then one of my own stories, that I have not told Alice before and the end of the conversation is Alice showing a drawing she has been doing while telling and listening. The drawing contain elements from the whole conversation.

DuEt: Claire Hewitt – two folktales, a legend and a song

Svend-Erik met Claire at the Storytelling Centre and we connected instantly. She told me that she lived in Aberfeldby and that there was a lot of storytellers up in that area. I had just got my Saltire Card, which means that I can drive for free in busses all over Scotland. So I went to Aberfeldby and wow, what a place, full of rivers, forests, and hills. The magic of the place and Claire’s love to it and the wonderful stories she told, made me so happy. So we meet again here in cyber and that was another heart moment. Enjoy!
This DuEt has a song and a story from Claire, two stories from Svend-Erik and finally a song from Claire to complete the DuEt.

DuEt in Danish: Kasper Schulz – en Schulz historie, lidt erindringer og en sav

Jeg mødte Kasper pĂĄ KulcafĂ©en i København engang i halvfemserne, hvor han arrangerede fortælleaftner. Han var en vild fætter, altid fuld af uforudsigelige og vidunderligt fabulerende indfald. Senere dukkede han op under bøgetræets krone i København og spillede pĂĄ sine trommer. Det er der billeder af – Historier under Bøgen. I dag var ingen undtagelse med overraskelsen. Jeg havde ikke ventet en sav. Men det fik jeg. Tak for det, Kasper!

DuEt: Daniel Allison – folktales and a memory from travelling in Uganda

One of my first meetings with Daniel Allison was at The Kilburn Garden Party 2018. He was telling stories in a little tent on a hillside. The warmth and the joy in his telling made us all forget about the wind and the rain. I knew I had to go for more of this young man’s telling and here he is.

Four stories for you to enjoy, two prepared and two improvised right there!

DuEt: Neil Sutcliffe – folktales, one of Svend’s own stories and some songs from Scotland

I met Neil Sutcliffe in the summer 2017 on the island Lismore, when we both were performing at Taproot Festival. I saw this talented young accordion player and was truly fascinated. When Alice Fernbank and me needed a musician, Neil just stepped up and played in our two hour long storytelling performance. We went on the train together and there we wrote a song. In 2018 we did Walk the Oars at the Edinburgh Fringe. THis year we were supposed to do a new Fringe performance, but as the Edinburgh Fringe is canceled, we have to find another way of showing our work. The DuEt consists of stories and songs.